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[29 Nov 2004|09:24pm]
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[23 Sep 2004|07:34pm]

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She probably means it. [20 Sep 2004|06:47pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I made a Record Nerd account today. It lets you trade cds. If anyone wants to trade via AIM or something here's my list if you can help me out: click. Relient K has new songs on purevolume. And they are excellent. And just now I found out that the TOUR EP from the Say Anything Tour is now for sale at the store. Needless to say, I ordered it. School went by slow today, so I won't go into detail. This is going to be a long week, but next week will be theeeee best. There will definitely be more detail next week. It has gotten suddenly cold here. Its wonderful. I hope it stays like this. In other news, I need money. Donations are welcome ;) Uhhh I don't know what else to write about. Awesome.

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Zero to Heaven in seven. [19 Sep 2004|07:59pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Today I woke up at 8, because my mom was supposed to pick me up at 8:30. 2 hours later, she arrives. I went to Summerville today. I bought one sweet Rolling Stones shirt from Kohls. I had never been in there before, and I have no intention of going back. Afterwards I went to see Cellular, and it was excellent. I saw Vicki, Katrina, and Sabrina there. After that, I went to Cat's Music and picked up Jets To Brazil_Orange Rhyming Dictionary. My dad picked me up around 5:30, and I went and got something to eat. Now I'm home, and I need sleep.

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Scream in the silence. [18 Sep 2004|07:53pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Nothing important happened yesterday, with the exception of Wills pouring Sprite in his cat's ear, so I'll skip that and tell you about today. I'll make this quick. I woke up and got ready, Wills came over, and we went to the guitar center. I decided not to get new pickups and instead I'm going to get a new guitar altogether. I'm getting an Epiphone SG. It was $600 but I got it lowered down to 4. We went to the other music store afterwards and looked at amps. I found a amp I wanted. I saw Caroline there. I hadn't seen her in about a year. We ate at Chick-Fil-A. Sadly my cousin was not there working and wearing the cow costume. Came home, watched a dvd, then went to the video store and rented a movie. Now I'm here and I'm hyper.


Am I waking up at all today... [16 Sep 2004|08:15pm]
[ mood | irate ]

Tomorrow is Friday. This is a long week. Too long. I have no idea what I'm doing this weekend either. I might be going to my moms house. I don't know. If someone wants to do something, inquire within. I got my progress report today. 2 A's, 2 B's, 2 C's. We had a sub for computer and she was into the Cure. Which was quite hott. I went to Wills house after school. Came home around 5:30. I downloaded an Against Me concert. I found out what my journal is like, I had already come to a conclusion similar to this:
WrappedNCold: your life mostly lives of friends, food, and sleep
Haha. That's great. And true.

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I wouldn't trade what I got, not for anything. [15 Sep 2004|08:02pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

School today. I thought this week was going by fast, but its not. Today went from "It's already Wednesday" to "It's only Wednesday". I still have a cold. School is the same everyday. We had a class meeting today though if that counts. I came home and came to the conclusion that Harleyville is the worst city on the face of the earth. There is absolutely nothing to do around here. I hope it falls into the ocean. Once I move, of course. On a lighter note, the new My Chemical Romance video is amusing. And I keep listening to this one Sparta song "Breaking the Broken". I don't even like the rest of their stuff, but this song is excellent. Uhh I can't think of what I did today. I talked to Nadine's sister earlier. I made a 77 on a geometry test. I'm not stupid, I swear.

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You're adding insult to irony. [14 Sep 2004|08:07pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

School was long today. I did bad on a chemistry quiz. Oh well. I found out Emery is playing in Columbia October 8th. Hopefully I can go, I'll find someone to go with. I'm going to the guitar center this Saturday, I think I'm going to buy some new pickups. I really need to get more sleep, I was tired all day. It needs to be cooler too. I'll stop complaining. I'm going upstairs to play guitar because the wireless internet has to be hooked up. Bye.

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And you're the only one to blame. [13 Sep 2004|07:59pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

I woke up and my throat was more sore than yesterday, but I went to school anyway. That sentence rhymed. My throat doesn't hurt that bad anymore though, so that's good. School wasn't that bad. School is certainly better than last year. Campmeeting is in 2 weeks, so thats pretty much a free week for us. Word on the street is I'm getting a new guitar amp. I would definitely like that. Much of the afternoon was spent watching the Senses Fail and Alkaline Trio dvds. But before that I went to the Video Den aka the Cool Video Place who needs cool t-shirts. My minidisc player works on the laptop, but my stepmom won't let me install the software on the laptop. I even have a thing to port the songs on to the laptop so I won't have to download them onto there. She told me, "I guess you'll just have to buy a new one." Then I said "I guess so" and she told me that I didn't have any money. So yeah, thanks for telling me what I already know. If I need advice I'll be sure to go to you. I don't know what else to write about so I guess I'll end this entry with telling you Gerard of My Chemical Romance looks like a girl.

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[12 Sep 2004|09:33pm]

You Know You're From South Carolina When...

There ain't no such thing as "lunch." There's "dinner" and then there's "supper."

Sweet tea is appropriate for all meals, and you start drinking it when you're two. "Backards and forwards" means, "I know everything about you."

There is a Dairy Queen in every town with a population of 1000 of more, except for Orangeburg which has Dairy-O.

You know that going "barefootin" is one of the great joys of life

You think everyone from a bigger city has an accent.

"Vacation" means going to Myrtle Beach.

Out of state friends beg you to send them fireworks

You know at least three places to get great fried chicken

You've taken a road trip to South of the Border - and it wasn't Mexico

You buy your groceries at Winn-Dixie

You know someone who works at Hooters

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from South Carolina.

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Convenience Group made standard on X. [12 Sep 2004|06:36pm]
[ mood | sick ]

I am sick. My throat hurts like no other. Or something. Yesterday I went to the mall, just like I did Friday. I bought 2 pairs of jeans, a shirt, and 2 cds, Underoath_They're Only Chasing Safety, and My Chemical Romance_Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. My mom bought me 2 books at a book sale. Strangers, and Strange Highways both by Dean Koontz. He obviously likes the word "strange".My stepmom bought a laptop. I haven't used it yet but its supposed to be nice. I went to my moms house and...went to sleep. Then I woke up, ate dinner and...went to sleep. I slept most of today also. And fell asleep on the way home. I don't ever recall sleeping this much. That probably means I won't be able to get to sleep tonight either. Great.

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I'll never be the same again, I'm crippled for life! [10 Sep 2004|10:43pm]
[ mood | wonderful ]

I'm awesome. And I'm in a good mood. I'm extremely tired, but I don't feel like going to sleep anytime soon. School today of course. And you know what, it was excellent. No 3rd period today, and 5th period was pretty much a free period, so I went to my stepmom's room and talked with some of my 9th grade gangstas. School got out, and I got this great idea to go to the mall. Wills came over and we left. I bought a belt and a light blue shirt because I'm awesome and wear light blue shirts. I bought a cd too. Some 6 year old kid was wearing a Pantera shirt. Interesting. We went to some deli place and a guy accused me of stealing a green tea and demanded to see my receipt. So I showed it to him. And he apologized for the inconvienence. I hope to never see this man again. Back to my house for 5 minutes. Then off to the varsity football game with Anna and Nadine. Sexy. Very. Nadine said something about her breast, but I only caught the end of the conversation. I can't understand half the stuff says. But she's still ridiculously hott. And she wants me. Because I'm awesome. And she's awesome. And German. And I'm done.

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I don't deserve this, no I don't deserve this. [09 Sep 2004|08:46pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I burnt a lot of cds today. I finally burned the Anti-flag_Die For The Government and Emery cd. Tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow I'm going to see Nadine. School wasn't that bad this week. I have to go my moms tomorrow night. I'm going to the mall Saturday. I go to the mall alot. I change subjects alot. Hmm, today is going by pretty fast. I'm tired, and I don't feel like writing. I'm not getting anywhere.

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And I held you closer than anyone would ever get. [08 Sep 2004|07:58pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I got a haircut today. And it's horrible. Its short. Too short. Oh well. It'll grow back. I bought some blank cds today which I was in dire need of. A pack of 30. 16 will be gone by tonight. Oops. I watched a Christian music channel today on tv. It was quite the channel. I saw Beloved and Underoath on there and I came to the conclusion that..every other band on that channel is crap. I saw a white guy rapping while the video showed him playing an acoustic guitar. I found this extremely amazing due to the fact that there was no acoustic guitar in the song. I also saw a band who sounded like Limp Bizkit. And their lead singer played bass. And he thought he was cool. And he was extremely misled. I can't wait to watch that show tomorrow! ;) I have alot of tests tomorrow. I need to study, but I doubt I will. The 5 minutes between classes is all I need. On a side note, Conor Oberst went to Catholic school. It's 8:06 and it's dark outside. That's not cool. I saw the coolest video today. It's by a band called Brandtson and the song's called "Mexico". Not that you care, but thought I'd share. That rhymed. Tomorrow is Thursday. For those who didn't know.

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You're cute when you scream. [07 Sep 2004|08:48pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

I just wrote this wonderfully written entry. AND MY COMPUTER DELETED IT. Anyway. Let me try this again. I said something about how school was good. And it went by fast. And I was tired. I came home and my Senses Fail CD/DVD/shirt combo thing came in the mail. Every song on the cd sounds the same. But its okay. Because at least since it sounds the same, the song pattern it follows is a good one. But they try too hard to be violent, and they're not. You're 17 and on Drive Thru Records. Or were on Drive Thru Records. But now Drive Thru hates you. Maybe you were violent to them. Who knows. I certainly don't. But that's no means for making a cd in which all songs sound alike. It's good mindless music though. Jennifer sent me the Ben Folds cd because she's cool like that. Nadine's sister emailed me. She's supposed to be coming here in March. That should be grand. Today is going by really fast. It's already 9. I better leave, I have other things to do like..uh...um, its getting late.

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Sometimes, New Jersey. [06 Sep 2004|09:14pm]
[ mood | sick ]

This weekend was awesome. Oh wait. No it wasn't. I did nothing. At all. The life I live is quite the exciting one. I woke up today and felt sick. It's supposed to rain all week. This weekend will be better. I guarantee it. It doesn't feel like Monday. That is great. This should be a short week then. I need money. I need my job back. I don't want my job back. Lizz sent me the Death Cab For Cutie_Transatlanticism and Bright Eyes_Fevers and Mirrors cds. Too bad I have no blank cds. Too bad I complain alot. Too bad that you actually read this. Too bad this entry is over.

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It was a matter of miserable time but I heard somewhere, there was a cure for useless eyes. [04 Sep 2004|10:20pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I know how everyone would like an entry but...I did nothing today. I just played around with my keyboard and watched the Surreal Life on Vh1. I live quite the exciting life. I start a lot of sentences with "I". To make up for a lack of entry I shall do one of those bold/don't bold things. Because I am scene.

thisCollapse )

I'm coming back to this entry because I'm bored. Might as well try to elaborate. We have no water at our house. Why? No one knows. Well, I'm sure someone knows, but no one in this household as of this moment does. The new mewithoutyou song "January 1979" is excellent. Lizz (of Michigan) is sending me cds. Hottness, eh? I went to the movie store and there was nothing good, since other people like me had nothing better to do but watch a movie. I left emptyhanded. I hate living here in this oh so giant town (Estimated population: 6.) There is absolutely nothing to do around here. I'm moving once I turn 18. Not that you care, but moving on. No I'm not. I have nothing to talk about. I don't feel so swell. I feel like sleeping until 2 tomorrow. And even later tomorrow night, because I have no school Monday. Nor does the rest of the country, so I guess it's not that big of a deal..oops. I'm about to drink all the purified water in the refrigerator, so I think I should stop writing this entry. Because I suck.
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You could kill me, you can make this very easy. [03 Sep 2004|09:36pm]
[ mood | creative ]

It is Friday. There is no school until Tuesday. School was awesome. No it wasn't. School can't be awesome. So school was merely okay. Today was slow. I hope the rest of the weekend is this slow. I had to bring my cousin and Taylor home after school got out. The two of them together are extremely annoying. I burnt Anna a Juliana Theory and Dashboard cd. My Never Say Forever demo came in today. It's good. I messed around with my guitar and actually came out with a rather good song. Wills came over. Wills left. I'm hungry. I complain alot. But its all good. Except I have no plans this weekend. I plan on sleeping alot tonight though. I rented The Girl Next Door, but I have yet to watch it. Might do that later. 24 days until campmeeting. Mmmm.

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This could be fate. [02 Sep 2004|09:32pm]
[ mood | good ]

School was long today. Well, same time as always, but it just drag on and on. I came home after school and played my extreme keyboard that I dug up out of my closet. I haven't seen it in a while. Wonderful. I can play some good stuff on there. Especially with the organ effect. I can make church music. Christian techno. Next big thing. Count on it. I went to Charleston around 5. Mall. I bought The Juliana Theory_Love, the new Further Seems Forever cd, Hide Nothing, with that guy from Sense Field on there. I bought a hott Underoath shirt and pin, the new AP, and a Misfits pin. I'm too cool for words. I'm home, and I'm burning cds for Anna. Tomorrow is Friday. No school Monday. I hope the hurricane blows out the power of the school. I'm done.


There's violence in the name of love. [01 Sep 2004|09:28pm]
[ mood | working ]

Yo everyone. I hate school. But this is a fast week. So school will be over. I want to go to the mall even if the hurricane hits. That would be so cool. Not really but I want to go to the mall. In other news my stepmom retired my Taking Back Sunday shirt today. She told me she would buy me a new one. And I already found me one. I'm so cool. I found some Thrice shirts I want too. I want too much. I need to eat breakfast tomorrow. I get way too hungry during school. I just had some chocolate cake which tasted slightly like bread. Ew. Last night I had a weird dream. I went some where to eat and there was a stack of movie posters. I see one and it says "From Autumn to Ashes". So I yell out "Hey! That's Mike Forbush's (of Michigan fame) band!" Then I told everyone how I knew him. I woke up thinking it was quite the weird name. Then, about 20 minutes later, I realized Mike isn't even in From Autumn to Ashes. Which made it all the more weird. I need sleep.

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